Owners Paul and David Christian have been designing and building guitar effects pedals and products for over 40 years. Over this career they have developed proprietary designs as well as OEM designs for many of the leading guitar/pedal companies in the industry.

Creating a great sounding guitar effect product is all about trial and error. Whether you are hot rodding a tube amplifier or developing a great sounding analog circuit, the process involves building, modifying and rebuilding until you arrive at just the right combination and configuration of components. It is adherence to the process that leads to great tone. To build products that endure through the ages, there needs to be a focus on the integrity of the craft. At Big Joe, there are no short cuts or compromises. Sometimes it is more magic than science, but we tinker until it is right. When you see the Big Joe Crown, know that you are always getting a quality product. That’s what #BearTheCrown means to us at Big Joe.

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