Power Board iSO5

Power Board iSO5

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The Power Board iSO5 is a 9v DC powered pedal board capable of powering multiple pedals and high current draw effects. It can deliver a total output capacity of 1250mA at 9v when using Big Joe PS-202 AC adapter.  The iso5 also utilizes proprietary, smart battery LED display technology that shows current draw, battery status and time remaining. These features let you know exactly how much battery time is left under current pedal load, so that you never have to worry about when the battery will die.

  • Smart Batter Technology Display
    - % battery Charge
    - Battery Time Remaining
    - Current Draw
  • 3-Digit LED Display (blue)
  • 2- single point ground 9v Outputs
  • USB-C plug charge capability (cube included)
  • Delivers 1250mA at 9v for 2.5hrs
  • 3hr charge time
  • Ability to charge with unit off
  • On/off power switch
  • Black steel case capable of attaching pedals with magnets
  • Courtesy USB output
  • Download User Manual 
  • UPC# 697149001090

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